Canton Cemeteries

Canton’s many cemeteries are an integral part of our town’s history.  While some have less than a half dozen interments, others have over a hundred!  To the best of our knowledge, this is the list of Canton cemeteries:

  • Adkins Hines Cemetery, on the west side of Jewett Hill Road at Campbell Road.  61 interments.
  • Alden Cemetery (aka Alden Farm Cemetery), off the north side of Meadowview Road.  Four interments.
  • Alden Hill Cemetery, on the Alden Hill Road.  At least 15 interments.
  • Allen Hill Cemetery, off Rt. 108 on Allen Hill near the Canton/Peru Town Line.  Three interments.
  • Ames Cemetery, on the east side of Jewett Hill Road near Campbell Road.  12 interments.
  • Canton Mountain Cemetery (aka Canton Hill Cemetery), on the top of Canton Mountain.  Unknown number of interments.
  • Coolidge Cemetery, at the end of Tessier Road.  Unknown number of interments.
  • Hillside Cemetery (Canton Point Cemetery), at the north end of Hillside Drive off Canton Point Road  near Rt. 140.  83 (known) and possibly as many as 166 interments.
  • Ludden Cemetery, off Canton Point Road.  Six (known) and possibly as many as 33 interments.
  • Meadowview Cemetery, on the Meadowview Road.  72 interments.
  • North Canton Cemetery, on Canton Mountain.  Unknown number of interments.
  • Pine Grove Cemetery, on Rt. 108.  101 (known) and possibly as many as 855 interments.
  • Simmons Family Cemetery, on the north side of Meadowview Road.  15 interments.
  • Staples Hill Cemetery, on Staples Hill.  At least six interments.
  • Whitney Cemetery (aka Austin Cemetery), off Canton Point Road.  Two interments.

The above information was compiled from,, and  Photos and additional information regarding access to the cemeteries may be found at these websites. 

By Liz Rothrock